Ocean Parking Services

A variety of services to suit your needs

We’ve got the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best blend of services to provide you with an effective parking solution. Having both expertise in Parking Management and being part of a large Facilities Management Group, we are in a unique position to draw upon a large array of services that seamlessly fit together to support your objectives.

Not having tunnel vision on driving revenue from parking charges allows us the freedom to look at the bigger picture for you and your visitors. Our team will work with you to craft a solution that will look to the long term, and use data and metrics to support business cases for capital investment, as well as driving innovative revenue streams.

We are proud of our alternative approach, and we engage with our customers values for the long term.



High Definition Automatic Number Plate Recognition (HD ANPR) camera systems capture vehicles entering and exiting a site, enabling accurate footfall reporting whilst pushing vehicle behaviour information through to our back-office system for approval or generation of a parking charge notice to those not adhering to the rules.

This is an excellent solution for those who wish to implement a length of stay restriction such as at Retail Parks, motorway service stations, supermarkets, hotels and residential apartments. And our track record at these locations often resolves the problem of non-customers or unauthorised vehicles persistently using your free facilities, freeing up space for genuine visitors and customers.

We provide cost effective and efficient ANPR systems at sites of any size, subject to a full site survey. We can also link multiple cameras together to manage sites with complex entry and exit points.

This service is always evolving, we can link our cameras to handheld devices such as iPads, barriers, & Pay & Display (P&D) machines – as the technology advances, the ease of visitors using your car park does too.

Parking Warden Services

A highly trained, uniformed presence will patrol your car park and work in unison with the security and management teams. Alongside contravention enforcement, responsibilities include customer assistance, traffic management, breakdown assistance, maintenance review and reporting. This service works hand in hand with ANPR enforcement and out of hours mobile parking visits.

Mobile Ticketing

We employ a Nationwide network of Mobile Patrol Officers who work around the clock. Presenting the right image with clearly branded uniforms and company vehicles, each are fully equipped and individually vetted to meet the strict requirements of the security industry. A great option for unscheduled and random visits to a site with inconsistent parking problems.

Pay and Display

Pay & Display is often the simplest and most cost-effective solution to generate revenue from parking areas. We manage all aspects, including cash collections and maintenance. Our range of bespoke solutions can include cash, contactless, credit card, pay by app or payment by phone.

No change, no problem! – We’ve got your visitors covered.

Ocean Parking recently conducted a survey amongst 1000 customers and found that the biggest concern about using a car park with a Pay & Display machine was that it only accepted coins – and many people don’t carry cash like they used to. We listened to this feedback and the majority of our P&D machines now offers many methods of payment.

Permit Management

Linked to a back-office system which contains indexed details of authorised vehicles, all permits are issued with hologram logos to prevent forgery. We have several flexible options to meet your specific requirements, allowing for temporary replacement vehicles and different visitor permit options. We are able to create instant ‘whitelists’ of vehicles permitted to park on site and if you have ANPR, this technology can be linked to create a cost and paper free permit management solution.


Available either as a standalone service or as part of a car park management package, we can provide trained marshals during peak times to assist your security team.

This is a great service for locations that suffer from inconsiderate and obstructive parking from the attendees of events.


An ideal solution for remote areas with troublesome parking. We allocate a handheld device to your site for your security team, caretaker, or site manager to enable them to issue Parking Charge Notices to vehicles. The information is then transmitted to our back-office team to process via the DVLA.

EV Charging

It all comes down to dwell time: how long will the customer spend at that place?

Choosing the correct chargers for your location(s) therefore means matching the time it takes to charge with the average dwell time of your customers. A first port of call is simply to discuss your site(s) with our partners and run our site-selection algorithm on them to assess their rapid charging potential. For a free, in-depth site survey, please contact one of our team – the future is electric, the future is now.

Benefits of EV Charging

  • Provide an in-demand service for your customers and attract new ones
  • Future proof your asset value by securing grid before competitors
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitments and build a brand for the future
  • Fully managed and funded solution with a long-term lease
  • Meet planning requirements with a smaller footprint
  • Earn a revenue from car parking bays at no extra cost
  • Grid application secured in-house, at no cost or burden on site supply
  • Provide integration and reward opportunities through apps, giving customers a more personal way to interact that also drives in-store spend