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Centre:MK awarded Park Mark and Disability Parking accreditation

Great news for our parking division, Ocean Parking, this month as one of our sites at Milton Keynes, Centre:MK has been awarded the Park Mark accolade and Disability Parking accreditation by the British Parking Association.

What is the Park Mark award?

Car parks awarded with the Park Mark Safer Parking accreditation have been vetted by the police and highlights that the parking facilities have measures in place to ensure a safe environment for users, taking into account the following:

  • Quality management
  • Lighting
  • Surveillance
  • Clean environment

As a result of Centre:MK’s car parking team and their dedication to ensuring the safety of all its users, we have successfully reduced the risk of accidents and injuries. With the Park Mark award, customers can park in confidence with the assurance that there is little to no criminal activity on site. Furthermore, the Centre:MK car park has been praised for the measures in place to reduce its environmental impact, which includes efficient lighting, utilising energy saving systems and installing charging spaces for electric vehicles.

What is the Disabled Parking accreditation?

The accreditation outlines that a car park meets the following criteria for its disabled users:

  • Ensures accessible bays meet correct Building Regulation size
  • Ensures disabled motorists using the car park are able to enter and exit with ease
  • Monitors and reduces disabled bay abuse
  • Ensures disabled motorists are easily able to identify the car park as accessible and locate the site
  • Ensures that disabled people are not penalised for extra time when using the car park

Speaking of the Disabled Parking accreditation, Gary Lee, Head of Parking Strategy at Ocean Parking has said:

“To win this accolade demonstrates that Centre:MK has created high quality parking facilities for disabled people whilst providing the best customer experience for said users.

To obtain this award, high quality standards must be met with accessible bays, clear signage, accessible routes once parked, good lighting, easy entry for vehicles and pedestrians to the car park, accessible payment systems and management/enforcement of disabled spaces. 

For Centre MK, having the Park Mark award means some customers will choose this car park over similar car parks without the award knowing standards are high from a safety, security, and accessibility perspective. It means disabled motorists can use Centre MK in the knowledge they can park safely.”

On behalf of the entire Anchor Group, we would like to say a huge thank you to our team at Centre:MK for their dedication to providing customers with high quality parking facilities.

You can find out more about our Ocean Parking division here.

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Centre:MK awarded Park Mark and Disability Parking accreditation