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Parking data is a largely untapped, yet invaluable resource which provides indications of wider trends that enable informed decisions in other business areas.

By combining data from ANPR, Payment Kiosks, PayByPhone and even EV Charging points, we can assist you in streamlining your operations and provide you with predictive analytics.

ANPR: Beyond Parking Management

How we can support your business using ‘Big Data’

Ocean Parking processes 14 million vehicle movement transactions per year, which means we ‘do’ big data, but how can that benefit you?

Big Data, if used properly, can help analyse business trends and drive business development. Before your visitors even get to your doors, Ocean Parking can start to analyse visitor behaviour and provide you with insights that will help you develop your business model and maximise revenue, reputation, and the visitor experience.

Visits, Duration and Occupancy trend analysis will provide information on the average length of stay within a defined period, whilst also giving insight into the longest and shortest stays, so that you can start to understand your car park’s true usage, but this is only the starting point for what the ‘Big Data’ analysis can provide for you and your team.

Ocean Parking can help you measure customer levels of satisfaction.

More than just providing a parking and enforcement solution, Ocean’s ANPR equipped sites can track key metrics like repeat visitors. Satisfied customers are repeat visitors, and if there is a decline in the levels of repeat visitors, it may be an indication that something needs to change to make the parking experience more attractive.

You could use the data to develop a loyalty scheme for regular users – if you have retailers on site, a targeted discount scheme could be particularly effective in incentivising repeat visitors. If you have commuters regularly using your parking facilities, a loyalty incentive scheme has proved to be a large factor in deciding on parking at your car park over any other in the area.

How many EV charging points should I be installing?

With important Capex decisions to be made such as installing EV charging points, Ocean Parking can assist you by providing important visitor EV vehicle data such as frequency of visits, dwell times and numbers of EV vehicle visits, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Once the numbers have been crunched, Ocean can assist you with the installation process and guide you through the EV minefield with our partners.

The importance of Trends

By observing trends and changes over time, you not only gain a detailed insight into how your car park and its visitor numbers are reacting to any changes you might make, such as redevelopment, installing EV charge points, introducing ticketless payments etc., but you can also benchmark against competitors or other assets in the area regionally or nationally.

Using a tailored dashboard, we can make your life easier and provide you with the data you need to model future business decisions with confidence.

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I’m really impressed with the team’s prompt efficient responses to all requests, their professionalism in dealing with the smallest or largest of tasks, and the excellent completion of those tasks.
Regional Facilities Manager

They listened carefully to our requirements and devised an effective but sensitive solution to this emotive issue.
Shopping Centre Director

Anchor has provided excellent control room management and staff for the entire site over the past number of years.
Operations Director

Since the initial contract award their approach to partnership has made it easy for us to award them a further 14 contract locations, predominantly in the retail sector. Ocean Parking are now the only parking company my team and I will use on our retail property portfolio.
Property Manager

Ocean Parking have continued to demonstrate both their professionalism and support from the senior management throughout the contract, which has provided consistently high standards in the car parks. I am happy to recommend their services.
Centre Manager

They are a true service partner in every sense. Collectively they understand our culture and continually adapt to meet our evolving service model and client needs. Their passion, flexibility, and commitment to support us in achieving service excellence is exceptional and promotes great working relationships.
Senior FM Associate