Case Studies

Case Studies

Manchester Shopping Centre

No cash? - No problem! See how we improved the overall experience and image on a large scale.

The Problem

As a result of overzealous enforcement and underhanded tactics, the location had become notorious within the industry and customers were beginning to stay away from the retail park. The equipment needed an upgrade due to its age and limited functionality and there was little appetite from the incumbent operator to undertake this upgrade.

The Solution

Ocean Parking proposed an ANPR linked tariff payment solution which would allow customers to pay before, during, after their visit and at any time up to 24 hours after they left the site. The payment machines were replaced with a variety of payment methods including coin, card, contactless and RingGo payment solutions to maximise the ways customers could pay their parking tariff.

New HD ANPR cameras were installed to improve read rates and accuracy. Our primary objectives were to increase footfall and tariff payments, reduce the number of PCNs being issued and repair the locations image.

The Result

Within 4 months of implementation, tariff payment revenues had increased by almost 25% and Christmas 2019 recorded the highest ever revenue total at the retail park. Within the same period, PCN enforcement income was reduced by 46% and the number of PCNs being issued per month were reduced by 69%. A more ethical approach to enforcement resulted in a higher payment percentage and more sustainable client income.

The site boasted an annual footfall increase of 47% and a peak year on year increase of 73%. The car park has continued to go from strength to strength and post COVID-19 lockdown, occupancy and revenue levels have now returned to peak 2019 levels. The property director commented-

“Ocean Parking’s solution is a welcome and innovative addition as we continue to invest in and improve one of the UK’s largest retail parks. With the park now operating at full capacity, the new payment options compliment this accessible park.”

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Manchester Shopping Centre